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"Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences"

by Blaine W. Millet and Gary W. Millet

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"Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences"

Understanding the customer
Reviewer: Gorge Martinez from Cherry Hill, NJ

   I heard of the book from a friend that had read it and used it in his business. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of analyzing my customers. I have begun breaking down and analyzing the experiences my customers are having with me and I have seen results. It provided me with a template to use as I try to turn interested people into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers. I would highly recommend this book.

Customers Rule
Reviewer: A reader from North Andover, MA United States

   Nothing is more important to growing a company than turning customers into outspoken fans. This book is a great study into that kind of corporate motivation and the resulting top line growth.
   If you are a marketer, you have to understand Millet's point of view because of the ROI his strategy rewards. As a CEO, it is the kind of mantra that breeds total organizational success.

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Tools for developing a Customer-Focused organization
Reviewer: Ev from Washington

   This book introduces a new language (you really have to pay attention!) and tools for creating a customer-focused rather than customer-manipulative culture that, in turn, will transform our merely satisfied members into trusting, vocal, loyal members. It focuses on how we can create an emotional trust bond with our members by ensuring that their "experiences" with our organization are consistently "delightful" and that our staff is establishing human connections with our members.
   The authors emphasize that although customers connect with and remember the experiences they've had with a particular business, most organizations focus on operational and transactional efficiency as a means of developing customer relationships and loyalty. A new method of ensuring we consistently deliver delightful experiences is through the use of Customer Experience Mapping©. This process involves identifying the most common member experiences, such as establishing a new account or applying for a loan, and then determining the member response we want at each stage of the process. (What do we want them to think about us? How do we want them to feel?) In addition, we want to ensure that we do not trigger situations where the member may "opt out" of the credit union due to a negative emotional response to our behavior or operations. Next, we "map out" a step-by-step method for creating Totally Awesome Member Experiences and maximizing Member delight. This map creates the framework for staff training, improves consistency and ensures repeatability of our member experiences. Rather than doing a mass roll out, they recommend initiating a "pilot" project, to see how it works for our organization.
   One of the most fascinating and impactful portions of the book is the case study on Rivers Effortless Dining, in Salt Lake City, a highly successful restaurant who worked with the authors to apply the principles of the book. It walks us through the entire process of how the owner prepared for, and implemented, this philosophy. Another case study outlines how to develop a Totally Awesome Website.
   In a nutshell, this book also provides:
* A measurable method to implement and apply Customer Experience Mapping©.
* Insight into empowering and rewarding staff to delight members.
* The importance of developing Customer Trust Currency© , the foundation of relationship building.
* Ways to build an Emotional Trust Bond with our members.
* How to detect whether we are being Customer-Manipulative or Customer-Focused and how to change it.
* How to turn Customer Knowledge Currency© (data mining, etc.) into Customer Trust Currency© . (There's an interesting discussion here on customer privacy and the importance of timing in determining WHEN to act on knowledge. For instance, if we offer products and services TOO soon, before they trust us, it can backfire and create a negative member response.)
    We've ordered a couple of extra books for the Learning Library.

I Believe!!!
Reviewer: Robyn from Spokane, WA

   Loved IT!!! I felt the content and message are right on target for the needs of today’s business. I especially liked the variety of examples that help to visualize this model working for ANY organization. I read it and encouraged my Director to read it, she read it, and she in turn is encouraging our entire management team to read it. This book speaks to exactly where we see our organization going. We can hardly wait to put these methods into practice.

Thank you for considering our book, “Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences.” We hope you decide to purchase a copy for yourself and learn how the step-by-step process of Customer Experience Mapping™ can help you build awesome customer experiences in your own organization.

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