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"Invest in your CUSTOMERS
and they will Invest in YOU"
      Promise-Driven Concepts

        A PROMISE, according to various sources, is :
               • To make a declaration assuring that something will or will not be done.
               • A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow.
               • A verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do)
                  something in the future
               • An express assurance on which expectation is to be based
               • Indication of something favorable to come; expectation

Our Definition of a CUSTOMER PROMISE

                    Every offer or statement your organization makes to a                     customer represents a Customer Promise.

How we Change the Game
We Create
Totally Awesome Customer Experiences
Promise-Driven Organizations™
using our innovative
Promises Architecture™
- - - - -
Creating unparalleled Customer Loyalty
Increased Market Differentiation
Improved Profitability
Improved Employee Loyalty
  We are Thought Leaders in creating new and innovative approaches to build Customer Loyalty and Differentiation for your organization. We have moved well beyond what traditional methods of Customer Satisfaction can accomplish and created leading edge solutions to capture what Promises your customer really wants from your organization and how you can deliver on these Promises consistently – every time, every day. We have Changed the Game.  
  Traditional Customer Satisfaction is generally “operationally focused.” This means it usually is defined by many companies as a way to measure the satisfaction of their customers from an operational perspective, i.e. how the organization is running and delivering products and services. This is generally, in our opinion, an inwardly focused process and doesn't lead to meaningful information about how the customer is “feeling” about the service(s) and what are the “emotional bonds” between the organization and the customer.  
  What this generally leads to is a set of measurements on how well the organization is servicing their customers based on a set of quantitative criteria designed to help them improve their operational efficiency and how the customer views these. It is also generally looking for insights into how an organization can improve these operational efficiencies rather than focus on the actual “experience” the customer is having. This disconnect between the experience the customer truly wants and the goal of the organization to become operationally more efficient leads to constant discontent between the customer and the organization and is a key reason why many customers don't bother responding to customer satisfaction inquiries, i.e. survey's, etc.  
  We are Changing the Game by reversing the current trend of inwardly focusing on the organization and focusing on the Promises your customer wants you to keep and creating a Customer Experience they want you to deliver. Our research shows that until an organization can effectively modify this approach, they will not be on a path to building Customer Loyalty or Differentiation with their customers. You MUST put yourself in front of your customer to learn about the Promises they want you to keep and THEN build the operational processes around these Promises so your organization, department by department, can deliver a truly Awesome Customer Experience.  
  We also believe that when you “Change the Game” with your customers, they will see and feel a completely different approach from everyone in your organization. Once an organization begins to focus in on the Promises their customers want, they are now able to integrate this information into every aspect of the organization and thus measure this on an ongoing basis – through such instruments as scorecards and dashboards. Focusing on what is important to your customers in terms of the Promises they want you to keep seems simple, yet organizations today build processes that actually work against these Promises. So forget about traditional Customer Satisfaction and start focusing in on what is really important to your customers today – Promises.  

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