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"Invest in your CUSTOMERS
and they will Invest in YOU"
    Promises Architecture™

First, our architecture is built on the simple foundation of Promises Made = Promises Kept™. This simply means in order to build any meaningful Trusted relationship, you have to start by understanding the Promises others expect of you and to Keep those Promises. “Promise” is a very powerful word to almost everyone around the world – it translates to virtually all languages. Its meaning is well understood, and it carries strong emotional messages. Because it is so well understood, “Promises” are a natural common denominator from where people can start as they begin to talk about Loyalty.

Simply put, Promise is a powerful word with emotion that almost everyone can understand and relate to immediately.

We have found that if you are consistent about keeping the Promises you make over a period of time, you will begin to build Trust. Trust can only be earned; it isn't granted to anyone. Without the foundation of Keeping the Promises you make, it is virtually impossible to build Trust with someone. In fact, if you don't Keep the Promises you make, you're bound to create Distrust. But after many Promises have been made and kept, it is a natural evolution to begin Trusting one another in whatever Relationship you are engaged in.

Trust is a critical component to Loyalty and without some degree of Trust, there is no chance of creating Loyalty. Thus, the foundation of Promises builds Trust, builds Relationships, and ultimately builds Loyalty.

Once you have the foundation of Trust, you can begin to enter into a meaningful Relationship with your Customer, Partner, Investor, Supplier, etc. Relationships that are lasting are always built on Trust. Any relationship that doesn't have this as its foundation is merely a casual relationship and will not have the strength to withstand adversity or market pressures for cost, quality, or service. We believe that Relationships not built on a foundation of Promises and Trust exist only because there isn't a “better deal” out there at the moment. When the “better deal” presents itself, the Customer lacks a Relationship with you so they are likely to defect and just move on. ”Satisfied” Customers are content for the moment in the Relationship but are also looking for “the next best deal” to come along and then they will defect. This is why many Customers will tell organizations they are satisfied today and then defect tomorrow – there isn't the deep bond between them that has been built on Promises and Trust.

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Finally, by continuing to nurture this Trust based Relationship, you can now build Loyalty. Loyalty is the pinnacle of all your efforts of starting with a Promises foundation, building Trust, and a meaningful Relationship with people. This is how Loyalty is built by people every day in their own personal relationships with other people. What we do is give others the tools and the ability to apply these same Loyalty principles to their work situations and create the same powerful results they would get from using this on a personal level.

It's simple: Human Nature is present at work, just like it is in their personal lives. We simply leverage what people know to be the right process for building relationships at home into their work, and ultimately into their Customer Relationships. And since this is a simple method that relies on Human Nature, employees understand it,embrace it and accept it. There is no change management to deal with – people naturally come to work with all the right pieces to help solve this puzzle.

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