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Who We Are


We help organizations significantly improve in three Primary areas:

  • Increase Sales Revenues and Profitability
  • Create sustained Market Differentiation - establish a Competitive Advantage
  • Build delightful and engaging Customer Experiences and Customer Loyalty

We provide innovative Thought Leadership in these key areas
We help organizations understand on keep the Promises to their customer and employees …
We create "Linkage" between the Customer and Business Operations
We "Get-it-Done" and deliver both immediate and continual results…
We focus on Execution...
We Disturb traditional thinking about Customer Satisfaction and Strategy…
We Promise Results and we Deliver

We help companies integrate CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 2.0

We are
Customer Experiences Inc.

When we first started out, we believed that if you don't have passion about what you do and you don't believe you can do something BIG, why start. With that in mind, we just want to “Change the World”, at least a little bit. We are passionate about helping organizations increase SALES, become DIFFERENTIATED in their market and help them build a sustained COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

We are relentless at helping companies bring in more revenues and create true differentiation with their customers. To us, if you can't bring in the money and act differently toward your customers, why do you exist? Also, if you can't offer the customer experience your customers want, then you simply compete on price and that makes you a commodity. We don't deal with commodity companies. We focus on companies that want to be different and lead the market and as such increase their revenues and build a sustainable competitive advantage. That is what we do and that is what we are passionate about.

We are also passionate about how organizations serve their Customers and build Customer Loyalty – by making and keeping their Promises. We believe every organization we work with can become a Market and Industry Leader. We believe organizations should publish the list of Promises they are committed to keeping to their Customers, Employees and Stakeholders. By doing so, everyone will know what to expect when they interact with your organization – every time, every day.

You see, the simple act of Making and Keeping Promises is the fastest and most successful way to building Trusted Relationships and ultimately Loyalty between your orgnanization and your Customers and Employees. And these relationships are what allow organizations to Differentiate themselves from their competition and increase Profitability by focusing on what is important to the one and only group that generates revenues – CUSTOMERS.

We also want to “disturb” traditional thinking about Strategy and Customer Satisfaction. To us, traditional Strategy does not emphasize the customer. Most strategies are "operational" in nature instead of "customer-centric." We help organizations better understand the key Promises and Loyalty Triggers that allow an organization to build their strategy focused on the Customer. Traditional Strategy doesn't work any longer in today's competitive world.

We also know that Traditional Customer Satisfaction approaches can actually result in satisfying the customer – sometimes - and that's if you're fortunate. But the problem with “Customer Satisfaction” is that the competitive landscape provides far too many ways for merely “Satisfied Customers” to defect to the “next best deal.” Our research shows the gap between “Satisfaction” and “Loyalty” is enormous, and the way to close the gap is by Making and Keeping Promises your Customers care about.

Promises change the game from merely providing “Satisfaction” to that of ensuring “Loyalty.” Our goal and our passion is to help build strong relationships between Organizations and their Customers by building Trust – the type of Trust that can only be achieved by Making and Keeping important Promises.

We have recently introduced a new concept of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 2.0. Customer Experience 2.0 is a totally unique approach and new way of thinking. It is about helping organizations create more sales and better differentiation. It leverages the tools and concepts of Social Media with the needs and wants of your customer creating a more engaging customer experience. This marriage leads to increases in sales, market differentiation, improved customer loyalty and retention, and a stronger competitive advantage. It is a more innovative and personal way for you to engage, understand and support your prospects and customers.

We hope you will test our thinking and allow us to show you the difference we can make in your organization in Revenues and Differentiation. We Promise...

Simple Solutions that yield Powerful Results


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